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Discover Tailored IT Solutions Designed to Fit Your Business Perfectly. From startups to enterprises, our comprehensive packages ensure that you get the precise IT support and services you need for seamless operations and growth

We believe in simplicity and inclusivity when it comes to cyber protection. That's why our main offering, Tech Guard Essentials, stands as a comprehensive solution that caters to the fundamental cybersecurity needs of every business. Instead of complicating matters with tiered packages, we've streamlined our approach to provide a singular, robust solution.

This ensures that every client, regardless of size or complexity, receives the essential protection required to safeguard their digital assets. Cyber Security is no longer just an optional item, it has become a necessity to every business now matter how small. No one is immune from Cyber Attacks.

By focusing on a single offering, we eliminate confusion, prioritise efficiency, and guarantee that our clients benefit from the highest standard of cybersecurity without the need for navigating multiple tiers. Tech Guard Essentials is designed to be straightforward, effective, and universally accessible, reflecting our commitment to making cybersecurity a straightforward and essential component of every business's defense strategy.

However that being said there are some businesses who require extra things like compliance and regulations. For these Enterprise Businesses we have Tech Guard Premium.

This has some added features that most businesses wouldn't need. We also have the Tech Guard Basic to cover users who only require an email address.

Tech Guard Basic

For users that only need an email

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Backups

Email Security + Anti-Spam

Recommended for Small to Mid Sized Businesses - 10-50 staff

Tech Guard Essentials

Recommended for All Businesses


Managed Site & Infrastructure

Managed 3CX Phone System

Managed Internet Connection

Managed Servers

Managed UTM Firewall

Managed Website

Managed CRM

End Point Management

Unlimited Remote Support

Onsite Support

24/7 Helpdesk Business Support

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Backups

Windows O/S Patch + Security Management

Microsoft & 3rd Party App Updates

New Computer Setups


End Point Detection & Response (EDR)

Password Management System

Email Security + Anti-Spam

Managed MFA / 2FA

Disk Encryption

Managed DNS/Web Filtering

Dark Web Monitoring

Bi-Annual Simulated Phishing Attack

Annual Penetration Testing


IT Documentation

Onboarding / Offboarding User Process

Asset & Software Inventory Management

Bi-Annual Technology Business Review Meetings

Life Cycle Management

Vendor Management


Cyber Security Awareness Training

Onboarding Training

Tech Guard University Courses

Technology Adoption Session

Recommended for Enterprise Businesses (100+ staff)

Tech Guard Premium

For Businesses that need additional Security


All of Essentials+

Unlimited after hours support

Scheduled monthly visits


All of Essentials+

Quarterly Technology Business Reviews

Dedicated Account Manager


All of Essentials+

Quarterly Penetration Testing

Quarterly Simulated Phishing Attack

Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)


IT Polices & Procedures

Ongoing Strategic Planning & Guidance


All of Essentials+

Common Questions

Can I pick and choose the inclusions in my package?

We used to do this but everyone removed security features we feel are necessary for every business. So we recommend booking a Discovery Call to look at your business and we can advise once we learn more about your business.

How does Billing work?

Our support agreements are setup as a monthly agreement paid in advance. We take the hassle and stress away by automating the billing process.

If your Premium package offers more security, is your Essential package still safe?

Absolutely, the Essentials Plan has everything a business needs as the bare minimum to reduce cyber security risks in your business.

With Premium this is aimed for Enterprise businesses who require additional security most businesses wouldn't need.

We follow the CIS Cyber Framework - so Essentials is IG2 and Premium is IG3
(See CIS Implementation Groups - cisecurity.org for more information)

Is changing IT Providers a hard process?

We have been doing this long enough now we have this entire process almost automated.

We take the hassle and burden of transitioning from your current provider and make it as seamless and painless as possible

We take care of it all for you - so you and your team can sit back and relax.

Is there any Onboarding Costs?

We go through this in your Discovery Session. As every business is different we spend quite a lot of time setting up your systems and processes.

This is so you can setup automation and streamline your business. Part of the onboarding process is uncovering your needs.

This creates a blueprint and roadmap for your business so we highly recommend doing this step to get a clear overview of your Technology.


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